02/23/2023 - Less friction in Recording Payments, Filtering Inactive Jobs, and a Fix to End Rental Invoices

The items mentioned below will be available on or after February 23, 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Fewer Steps When Recording Payments

With this release, funds from a payment will be auto-applied to the top invoices, by date (oldest to newest), until all of the funds have been applied. 

When a user enters a payment on the Record Payment screen, the funds will be applied to the top invoices, in date order of oldest to newest, until all of the funds have been applied. Making it easier to record payments for multiple invoices! 


Filter Active & Inactive Jobs across the Schedule

With this release, you will now be able to select to filter the Schedule view by Active and Inactive job types. To add or remove Inactive Job Types, open the Filters window from any view within the Schedule tool and click on the check box for Show Inactive Job Types.


After Selecting Show Inactive Job Types, when you expand the Jobs section you will see All Inactive Job Types where you will have the ability to add all Inactive Job types or specific jobs by clicking on the associated checkbox. Inactive Jobs can be removed either by unchecking the individual job types or unchecking the Show Inactive Job Types button.



Bug Fix: End Rental - Final Bill Pulls Full Rental Period

In this release we are fixing an issue that caused for an incorrect invoice to be generated when ending a rental for users billing arrears. When a user billing arrears ended a rental flow, the final invoice that was generated pulled from the full rental history, causing customers to be billed twice for inventory on site and pay additionally for inventory that was removed from the site.

With this release, when a rental (being billed arrears) is ended, the final invoice will be auto-generated for the next recurring invoice based on the 28-days following previous invoice date and the recurring invoice will be removed. 

For this reason, we suggest if you are scheduling final pickup job more than 28-days in the future that you select No, Keep Future Instances Until Job is Completed. If you select Yes, Remove Future Instances and the final pickup job is scheduled further than 28-days from the beginning of the billing cycle, future invoices will need to be manually created through the Create One-time Invoice flow.


Clear "Filtered Days" After Moving Next/Previous Week with this release, we have fixed a bug that would show the Filtered Days filter as still applied when navigating to another day or day of the week. Now when navigating away from the filtered days, the filter returns to the inactive state.

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