03/09/2023 - Last 4 Digits of Credit Card on Payment Receipts for Customers and Fixes

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Last 4 Digits of Credits Card on Payment Receipts for Customers

We have updated the payment receipt that is sent to customers to include the last 4 digits of their credit card. 




Deactivated Sites Reactivating Against User Desires: We have resolved an issue that occurred when attempting to delete a site, it seemed that the site had been deleted, but after some amount of time, the site reactivated and was visible again.

Selected Credit Items Appears More than Once When Pagination is 5 Items or Less: We have resolved an issue the occurred on the record payment screen, when selecting a credit item, the same credit item was present on multiple pages when switching to a different credit page.

Payment Form Summary Not Updating When Changing Invoice Payment Amount: We fixed an issue where the summary below the auto-selected invoices section was not updating when the user changed the Invoice Payment amount. The error message was also not displaying as it should have been.

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