4/20/2023 - Technical Migration, End Rental, & Reports Updates

The items mentioned below will be available on or after April 20, 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Technical Migration

With today's release, we have update to our technical infrastructure to Angular 14,  the latest and greatest version of the framework. This migration will have no impact on the way you use ServiceCore today. We made some updates under the hood which should lead to faster page loads and interactions across the web app. 

Opt Out of Billing in End Rental

With this release, we have given you the ability to not have the recurring invoice removed and final invoice created when picking up all units associated with a rental when billing arrears. 

Turning on and off the automatic creation of final invoice and removing of the recurring template can be done through the Company Preferences on the Settings page. Under the Rentals section of the Preferences tab, select "No" under "Generate final invoice when ending rental" to turn off this functionality. By selecting "Yes", the final invoice will be created and recurring invoice template removed when ending the rental. 


Updated Aging Report

The customer AR Aging Report has been improved. 

You now have the ability to run customer aging balances with any “as-of" date which makes end-of-month reporting much easier. The updated aging totals take overpayments and refunds into consideration 

There are also new filters available. You can now filter by

  • aging buckets,
  • a specific customer, and
  • transaction types (invoices, applied payments, unapplied payments, credit memos, and refunds).

Like other new reports we added a graphic that visualizes the aging buckets.  Additional information on the aging report can be found in the Aging Report support article.


Monthly AR Balance Report

This new report will provide a monthly overview of your AR Starting Balance, Total Monthly Sales, Total Monthly Receivables, Net Change and AR Ending Balance going 12 months back.


Additional Job Report Filters

We have added additional filters to the Job Report and the Job Data Report. 

You have the ability to filter by Job Schedule Types:  

  • Repeat Jobs
  • Rental Job
  • Emergency Job

Additionally you can now filter by specific Job Completion Information:

  • Job Completion Date
  • Job Attachments
  • Job Completion Notes


Page not Found Error message on the Record Payment Page: We fixed an issue that would display an error, Page Not Found, when navigating from the Dashboard to the Record payment screen.

Mobile App Users Can Start & Complete Cancelled Jobs: We fixed an issue that allows users to start and complete jobs via the mobile app that had been cancelled. 

Attach Files on Complete Job or edit Job Completion Form is not Submitting Files: We fixed an issue files were not successfully being attached when completing on the Job Edit or Job Complete pages.


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