5/4/2023 - Multi-Site Invoicing, Aging Report (Division Filter), Unit Count on Prorated Invoices, etc.

The items mentioned below will be available on or after May 4 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Multi-Site Invoicing

Multi-Site Invoicing is now available as part of this release!

As your customers expand and operate across multiple locations, the task of managing their invoices becomes increasingly complex.


To address this challenge, companies need the ability to combine multiple sites on one invoice, which can help streamline invoicing and improve overall efficiency. This is particularly important for municipalities and large events that require invoicing for multiple sites or vendors.


Fortunately, the process of creating a multi-site invoice is straightforward and does not require any major changes to existing invoice workflows. Instead, it simply involves grouping individual invoices from different locations into a single invoice.


For the best experience, we highly recommend you reviewing the Create Multi-Site Invoice Knowledge Based Article Here.

Aging Report: Division Filter

We have added a Division filter to the Aging Report as part of this release! Now, you can easily filter by Division to customize your results even more.



Unit Count on Prorated Invoices

We have updated our Prorated Invoices to show the unit count as part of the description of the line item. The unit count will only be displayed if you are billing in advance, with "Prorate on Pick-up jobs" enabled, and schedule the pick up job prior to issuing the invoice. This value will be displayed on the "Create Next Invoice" page, Invoice Details Page, and Printed/Emailed Invoice. 



Default Tax Code "Tax Exempt" Prevents Invoices from Syncing to QBD: We resolved an issue where the default tax code "tax exempt" prevented invoices from syncing to QuickBooks Desktop.

"Email Already in Use" Error: We resolved an issue that did not allow users to save profile edits because of an error, "Email Already in Use".

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