05/18/2023 - End Rental Settings Copy Update, Improvements to Multi-Site Invoicing and QBO Services Update

The items mentioned below will be available on or after May 18 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Multi-Site Invoicing - Improvements to the Payment Confirmation Page

We've made it easier to view payments to multi-site invoices! It's now more clear which multi-site invoice has been paid and you can easily navigate to the multi-site invoice from the payment confirmation page.


End Rental - Billing Settings - Copy Update

We have updated the copy around the preferences for when to end billing when ending a rental to include both billing in advance and arrears. This previously only referenced billing arrears. No functionality has been changed.


QBO Sync Includes Non-Inventory Items as Services

We have updated Services in ServiceCore to include both services and non-inventory items to match QuickBooks Online. 


QBO Tax Code: We have resolved an issue with the QBO TaxCode that was causing full exports to fail and we resolved an issue with PerItem TaxRate that was causing exports to fail on TaxCode create / edit.

Job Completion Allows for Multiple Submissions: We have resolved an issue where job completion was allowing for multiple submissions.

Inventory "Add New Item" Allows for Multiple Submissions: We have resolved an issue where inventory "Add New Item" allowed for multiple submissions.

Rental Start Date Selection for Invoice Date not Respected: We have resolved an issue where the rental start date selection for the invoice date was not respected. 

Exchange Jobs Show Increate Quantity for Flat Rate Rental Rates on Recurring Invoices: We have resolved an issue that occurred when using Flat Rate Rental Rate in conjunction with Exchange Jobs, recurring invoices showed higher quantities than they should.

Users Sent to Dashboard after Adding Service from Product Page: We resolved an issue when adding services to a product, users were being sent back to the dashboard / homepage after saving each service.

Create / Edit Multi-Site Invoice Select All Functionality: We resolved an issue where deselecting the "select all" checkbox was deselecting invoices that weren't visible.

Monthly Recurring Invoice Create Gives 2 Years Worth of Line Items: We have resolved an issue that occurred when creating a recurring invoice after creating a delivery and service job; the monthly recurring invoice create was giving 2 years worth of line items, where it should only display a month. 

Emailing Multi-Site Invoices Does not Send to Ad-hoc Addresses: We have resolved an issue where emailing already existing multi-site invoices did not sent out the email to the email that was entered. 

Web App on Mobile in Portrait - Pages Do Not Display Properly and Cannot be Resized: We have resolved an issue where forms on mobile versions of the web app appear too large, causing the user to be unable to see the full form. In addition, the pages could not be re-sized to show the full details of the web page. 

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