05/25/2023 - "Select All Units" option when Scheduling a Pickup and Planned Route Report

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"Select All" Option added to Inventory Table when Ending a Rental

With this release, when scheduling a pickup, you now have the ability to select all units associated with a rental via the "Select All Units" checkbox. Checking this box will select all units associated with the Rental and unchecking this box will remove the selection for all units. If you select all units, and modify the unit count the the table manually, the checkbox will become unchecked but only the modified units will be updated.


New Report

Planned Route Report

This report shows daily route stops and unit counts to analyze easily each route‚Äôs load and capacity to ensure drivers and routes are setup for a successful day.  The report provides detailed information per route on total stops, total units, total units serviced, total units delivered and picked up, as well as total miles and route service time. If you would like to learn more, click here.



Create Invoice and View Invoice Showing Different Invoice Totals: We have resolved an issue that was causing an invoice during creation with taxes to show a different total than viewing the invoice after it was created. 

Aging Report:  We have resolved a filter and sorting issue for the total aging amount.

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