CloverConnect - Requesting Bank Account Change

Your CloverConnect is connected with your ServiceCore account, the majority of the time you will just work out of the ServiceCore software. However, from time to time you will want to access CloverConnect's backend portal -  Cardpointe.  Please refer to this guide on how to submit a support ticket

How to Change Your Bank Account

  1.  Please download the bank change form here
  2. The following information is required for a bank change:
    • Last 4 digits of the account owners SSN
    • Full Tax ID number
    • Voided check or bank letter required
    • OLD ABA/DDA must be provided
    • The signer must sign either their name with a physical signature, digital signature or email address that was used to sign the original application
  3. The process usually takes 1 week to complete - if it takes longer than that, please contact for further support.


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