CloverConnect - Signor Change

Welcome to our knowledge base article, specifically tailored to guide you through the process of requesting a Signor Change for your CloverConnect account.

We understand that changes in authorized signatories are common in business scenarios, and we are committed to streamlining this process for you. Whether you're updating your account with a new signor due to organizational changes or legal requirements, our step-by-step instructions will ensure a smooth transition. By following the outlined procedures, you can swiftly update your account's signor information, maintaining the security and efficiency of your payment processing activities. Please refer to this guide on how to submit a support ticket

How to Request a Signor Change

  1. Please download the signor change form here
  2. The following information is required for a signor change
    • New signor home address
    • New signor date of birth
    • New signor SSN
  3. The process usually takes 1 week to complete - if it takes longer than that, please contact for further support
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