CloverConnect - How to Create New Users

Welcome to our knowledge base article, dedicated to helping you effortlessly add additional users to your CloverConnect account.

We understand that collaboration is essential for efficient business operations, and our platform is designed to accommodate your growing team. In this guide, we'll walk you through the straightforward steps of inviting new users to your CloverConnect account, granting them the appropriate access and permissions to collaborate seamlessly on payment processing tasks. Please refer to this guide on accessing Cardpointe.

How to Create New Users in CloverConnect

  1. After logging into Cardpointe -  click on administration in the top banner
  2. Click on users in the banner just below
  3. Click the "new user" button
  4. Fill out the user information and they will receive an activation email from . They will be able to set a username and password (for simplicity it is often best to user their email address as the username)
  5. Create the user as an admin or standard user
    • Admin - Full access to the account, including sensitive information
    • Standard - Allows you to determine which areas of Cardpointe they get access to 
  6. If standard -  determine the level of access required. Permission definitions:
    • Virtual terminal - The ability to process payments through Cardpointe
    • Reports - Allows access to the reports, should be reserved for those with permission - this contains sensitive financial data
    • Billing - Access to the billing page
    • Support - ability to create support tickets

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