06/15/2023 - Taxable Line Items on Transactions for Tax-Exempt Customer, QBO Sync Status

The items mentioned below will be available on or after June 15, 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Support Taxable Line Items on Transactions for Tax-Exempt Customers

With this release, when you create an invoice or rental rate for a tax-exempt customer and add a service line item that is default taxable, the tax checkbox will be selected on the line item or rental rate and you can submit the invoice or create recurring invoices using the rental rate / generate next invoice without issue. Any line items with the Tax checkbox selected will add the transaction's "Taxable" amount. 

QBO Sync Status

With this release, if you are a customer with the QuickBooks Online integration enabled, we have added the QBO sync status to the following pages: 

  • Payment Details
  • Invoice Details
  • Credit Memo Details
  • Refund Details
  • Customer Details

The QBO Sync status now displays beside the detail name (I.e. Customer Name) and tells you if it has successfully synced to QBO, failed to sync, has been updated since last synced, or has not been synced. 

Synced to QuickBooks Online: 


Failed to sync to QuickBooks Online:


Has been updated since you last synced to QuickBooks Online:


Has not been synced to QuickBooks Online:


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