06/22/2023 - Auto Credit Memos, Deleting Muti-Site Invoices, Invoice Statements, & the Net Sales Report

The items mentioned below will be available on or after June 22, 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser. Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Auto-Credit Memos

With this release, ServiceCore allows you to have Credit Memos programmatically created on your behalf for inventory picked up mid-billing cycle, reducing the number of manual tasks in your day.  

Previously, you needed to manually calculate the prorated credit amount and create the Credit Memo. With Auto-Credit Memos, you now have the option to let ServiceCore calculate the credit amount and open a Credit Memo for you. By opting into Auto-Credit Memos you’ll be able to set parameters dictating when a Credit Memo is created and always be given the final in whether to Apply or Void a Credit. You can read more about Auto-Credit Memos in this Knowledge Base Article.

Auto Credit Memos can be enabled under the Rentals section of Company Preferences page within Settings.

Auto Credit Memos will inherit the Service Address and Rental ID from the Rental and will denote the pickup job that triggered the creation of the Credit Memo.


Deleting Multi-Site Invoice

Owners are now able to delete Multi-Site Invoices! If you're an Owner, and wish to delete a multi-site invoice, you can do so from the "View Multi-Site Invoice" page. By deleting a multi-site invoice, it will disassociate any invoices on the multi-site invoice and return them to the invoices tab and then delete the multi-site invoice completely. Please note, when you delete a multi-site invoice, it will not delete the associated invoices, it will just remove them from the multi-site invoice.

Invoice Statements

With this release, we have renamed "Statements" to "Invoice Statements" to more accurately communicate the document being generated. There was no change to this functionality, just an update to the button name.


Net Sales Report

In this release, we revised the report formerly known as the Gross Sales Report and renamed it to the Net Sales Report. This is a more accurate naming convention for the details provided in the report, since Net Sales include the gross sales minus credits and refunds. Additionally, we made it more clear for you to view your Net Sales, Sales Taxes and Total Invoiced Amount.



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