10/26/2023 - Planned Route Report Updates, User Role Self Promotion and Other Fixes

The items mentioned below will be available on or after October 26, 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser and update your mobile app to the latest version (9.3.5). Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.


Planned Route Report Updates

image (59).png

With this release, the Planned Route Report has been updated to include, 'Details by Driver and Product.' Users can now toggle between report views using the blue buttons, located under the report description, and are now able to see which specific products are being delivered, serviced or picked up on a given day or time period. Additionally, a product filter has been added to easily find product specific data.


  • Invoice Form Calculating Different Total than Invoice Details: We resolved a display issue when a customer viewed an invoice, the invoice total could be different than when they created or edited the invoice.
  • User Role Self Promotion: With this release, users will no longer be able to promote themselves to a role with higher levels of access. Additionally, they will not be able to promote other users to a higher level of access than their own.
  • Product stats handles inventory movement on start date inconsistently: We resolved an issue where bulk inventory would display the incorrect quantity available when multiple rentals were scheduled for the same day.  
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