CloverConnect - Reconciling Your Bank Deposits with Transactions

Welcome to our knowledge base article, where we will guide you through reconciling your bank deposits with transactions. 

Most payment processors use a batch to deposit transactions into your bank account. 

(Batch credit card processing is where the payment processor bundles all of the transactions from that day into one deposit.)

CloverConnect's batch cut off time is 9:00 PM EST - any transactions taken that day up until 9:00 PM EST will be deposited into your bank account the next business day. Transactions after 9:00 PM EST will be deposited the following business day.

The CloverConnect batch report will be the best resource when trying to understand what transactions were batched and deposited for the day.  

How to Reconcile Bank Deposits with Transactions

  1. Start by logging into the CardPointe website, the first screen you see is the dashboard. Click on the button at the top labeled, “Reporting”
  2. Click on "Gateway batches"

This will show a list of all the batches that have been processed. 

You can use the close date to investigate the batches further.  (Please note, the batch is closed the day prior to the deposit in your bank account.) To show the transactions under a batch, click on the number that is listed under the Batch Number column. 



Once in the actual batch, you can double check all transactions were successfully deposited. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support and we can investigate further.


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