11/30/2023 - Inventory Item Selection on Service Jobs, Unit Count by Job Type on the Schedule, QBD Sync Log Updates, Advanced Proration Look Back on First Arrears Invoice, and Fixes

The items mentioned below will be available on or after November 30, 2023. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser and update your mobile app to the latest version (9.4.10). Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Inventory Item Selection on Service Jobs

ServiceCore has introduced a new feature to enhance the management of inventory on Service jobs that allows you to now select specific products and units and apply them to different service schedules. This feature streamlines operations and offers more flexibility and accuracy in handling service jobs and inventory tracking.

The main objective of this feature is to improve the accuracy of service jobs by enabling the selection of specific units for servicing. This becomes particularly useful in situations where not all units at a site require service. The Service Job and Inventory Relation is a significant step toward introducing Capacity Based Routing, aligning with strategic objectives identified in our recent customer feedback surveys.

Key Features

  1. Pick and Choose Service Units: This feature allows users to select which units on a site need service. This selection can be made based on the unit count by job type and product type.

  2. Bulk Unit Flexibility: By default, all units on site (both bulk and itemized/serialized) will be selected when creating a service job. However, now users can choose a specific quantity of bulk products, or all, some, or none of the itemized/serialized products on site.

  3. Creating a Service Job: When creating a service job, specific units can be selected only if they are already on site. Specific serials can be chosen from a search bar, and only serials for units on site will populate.

  4. Viewing Jobs and Rentals: Once a service job is created, you can see the specific serial numbers associated with that job. When looking at the rental, you can view the serial numbers for the service jobs, applicable for both recurring and one-time jobs.

  5. Mobile App Integration: The mobile app allows for a Schedule View where you can select a job, expand inventory, and view serial numbers. If specific units aren’t known at the time of scheduling, they’ll appear as “Unknown Serial Number”.

    • Make sure all mobile apps are up-to-date and using version 9.4.10 or higher in order to take advantage of this new feature!

  6. Schedule Day View and List View: The app will display unit counts with symbols indicating Pickup, Delivery, or Service. The planned route time (Service Time + Drive Time) will be included in a future release.

To learn more, please explore our in depth knowledge base article here.
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 8.00.01 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-11-30 at 8.37.01 AM.png

Schedule - Unit Count by Job Type

Day View and List View: With this release, you'll now see unit counts indicated with symbols (for Pickup, Delivery, or Service) on the schedule day and list views. 
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 8.38.00 PM.png

QBD Sync Logs

With this release, you'll now see improved messaging when it comes to the errors that appear in the QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) sync logs. The errors will also link you to the corresponding knowledge base article to help you self-serve and quickly resolve any issues that mar arise with the QBD sync.

Advanced Proration Look Back on First Arrears Invoice

With this release, we have updated the Advanced Proration Logic to also work as "advanced look back" on the first arrears invoice. With this update, you can now be confident that any drop- offs/services/etc. mid-billing cycle are not missed being billed.


  • Batch Billing with Invoice Groups Throwing Error: We resolved an issue during batch billing where invoices with billing groups failed to send.
  • Pay Online Messaging on Multi-Site Invoices: We resolved an issue where the pay online messaging for multi-site invoices was not respecting the setting.
  • Multi-Site Invoice Rounding Issue: We fixed and issue when a user tried to record payment for a Multi-Site Invoice, even though the invoice payment and payment method amount matches, the system showed an "amount left to apply" value of $0.00 and the user could not submit the payment.
  • Invoices not sent via Batch Billing or Print/Email Queues as Expected: We resolved an issue where some invoices were not being sent via email or print during the batch billing process.
  • Dashboard Income Totals not Updating Based on Timeframe: We resolved an issue that occurred when the "income" section on the ServiceCore dashboard is not updating based on time selection (3/6/12 months). It was showing a loading wheel as if information was loading, but the same values were consistently presented.
  • Customer Billing Address "Country" not Populating on Edit: We resolved an issue that occurred when adding a new customer's billing address, including the county, it saves without an issue. If you were to go back to edit the customer profile, the county on the billing address is no longer displayed.
  • Unable to access the Close Button on Job Preview Popup from Mobile Browser: We resolved an issue that prevented the Close "X" button from being available on the Job Preview popup on small screen-sizes (mobile devices). 
  • Mobile App - Job Pins for Completed Jobs Turn Green: We resolved an issue in the Mobile app that caused the Job Pins on the Map View to not turn green when the job was completed. 
  • PDF Error message - Multi-Site Invoice created via Batch Billing: We resolved an issue when creating a Multi-Site Invoice via Batch billing, the PDF generated displays an error message in the header of the document.
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