01/04/2024 - Clerk Initials on Recurring Invoices

The items mentioned below will be available on or after January 4, 2024. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser and update your mobile app to the latest version (9.4.11). Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

Clerk Initials on Recurring Invoices

With this release, we made an update to the Clerk Initials on recurring invoices. During the batch billing process, the initial for the user that clicks "Create and Save" will appear on the newly generated invoices. Previously, the initials for the user who created the recurring template would appear on the generated invoices. Now, we made it easier for users to identify who ran the batch billing, created and sent the invoices.

Route Summary on Mobile App

With this release, we are now displaying the Route Summary for a driver on the Homepage of the mobile app. This mimics the functionality that was added to the schedule to show the number of units being picked up, delivered, and serviced on a drivers route. 




  • Exchange Jobs Not Automatically Included On Invoices Created via Recurring Template: We resolved an issue where exchange jobs were not being automatically added during the invoice generation from a recurring template.
  • Unable to Delete Invoices from Batch Billing Preview: We resolved an issue where users were unable to remove all invoices from the invoice preview when clicking the "Remove All Invoices" button.
  • Tax Before Discount Feature - Not Respected when an Invoice is Created from a Recurring Template: We resolved an issue for QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) enabled companies where the tax before discount functionality would not be respected when generating invoices during batch billing.
  • Rental Rates Display Incorrectly when Editing from Inside Recurring Invoice Template: We fixed an issue when users would see duplicate rates when editing a recurring invoice from the "Edit Recurring Invoice" screen. This was only a visual issue on the edit screen, and did not impact invoices sent to customers.
  • Mobile App - Actions Menu on Job Details page is Blank: We fixed an issue that caused the Actions Menu (three dots) on the Job Details page on the mobile app to appear blank when coming back online from offline mode. The menu will now populate as usual. 
  • Mobile App - End Rental Fixes: We have fixed an issue that caused the recurring invoice template to not be deleted and the final invoice not generated when using End Rental Billing and completing the final pickup job from the mobile app. These processes will now be completed when completing the final pickup job from the mobile app. 
  • Accountant Level Users Get Error when Retrieving QuickBooks Sync Status: We have resolved an issue that occurred for Accountant level users. When they viewed the Customer Details, they were previously not able to see the QuickBooks sync status icon, now they are able to.

New Role Coming Soon!

We have exciting news! There will be a new role coming soon to ServiceCore. In addition to the Owner, Admin, Manager, Tech-Billing and Tech Roles, we will be adding an Assistant Manager! The new Assistant Manager role will sit between the Tech-Billing and Manager roles in terms of permissions (what users can/cannot do throughout the application). More to come, and keep an eye on future release announcements for this exciting addition to our current Roles!

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