Requesting Service via the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal offers a streamlined way for your customers to request services directly online. This feature not only enhances the customer experience by providing a convenient service request method but also facilitates efficient management of service requests on your end. This article outlines the process customers will follow to request a service through the portal and what ServiceCore users need to know to support their customers effectively.

Before You Start

It's essential for ServiceCore users to understand the customer's process to offer assistance if needed. Here are some key points to note:

  • Portal Access: Customers can access the Customer Portal through Ensure your customers are aware of this link and have been Enabled for Customer Portal access in ServiceCore.
  • Eligibility: Currently, the portal is exclusively available for company contacts. Make sure your customers are set up as contacts within your ServiceCore account to utilize the portal.
  • Service Request Submission: Submitting a service request via the Customer Portal does not automatically guarantee that the service will be provided. It's a request that needs to be reviewed and approved.

Customer Process for Requesting Service

Guide your customers through these steps to request a service via the Customer Portal:

  1. Access the Portal: Direct your customers to log in to the Customer Portal using the link provided. Ensure they have their login credentials, which are typically set up when you enable portal access for them.
  2. Navigate to Request Service: Once logged in, customers should locate and click on the "Request Service" page. 
  3. Complete the Service Request Form: Customers will be prompted to fill out all required fields on the service request form. This typically includes service type, preferred service date and time, location details, and any specific instructions or requests.
  4. Submit the Request: After ensuring all the information is accurately filled out, customers will click the 'Submit Request' button to send their service request to your company for review.
  5. Confirmation: Upon submission, customers may receive a notification indicating that their request has been successfully received.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.40.15 AM.png

Once submitted, the request will be accessible for you to view on the portal requests page of ServiceCore.

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