Making Payments via the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal offers a secure and convenient way for your customers to make payments towards their accounts. This straightforward process not only facilitates timely payments but also allows customers to view their current account balance, ensuring transparency and ease of financial management. This guide is designed to help your customers understand how to make payments through the portal and what you, as a ServiceCore user, can expect from the process.

Before You Start

Before guiding your customers through the payment process, here are some essential points to consider:

  • Portal Access: Ensure your customers are enabled for Customer Portal and know how to access the Customer Portal. The portal can be reached at Customers will need their login credentials, which are provided when their portal access is initially set up.
  • Account Eligibility: The ability to make payments through the portal is available exclusively to company contacts. Confirm that your customer's account is properly set up and recognized as a contact within your ServiceCore system.

Customer Process for Making a Payment

Guide your customers through the following steps to make a payment via the Customer Portal:

  1. Log In to the Portal: Direct your customers to log in to the Customer Portal using the provided link. It's essential they have their login credentials ready.
  2. Navigate to Make a Payment: Once logged in, customers should look for and select the "Make a Payment" option. 
  3. Enter Payment Details: On the Make a Payment page, customers will be prompted to enter the desired payment amount. They'll also need to provide their billing information, including payment method details.
  4. Submit the Payment: After verifying that all the information entered is correct, customers can submit their payment. They will receive confirmation that the payment has been processed.
  5. View Account Balance: Customers can also view their current account balance on the portal, allowing them to keep track of their financial standings with your company.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.40.25 AM.pngPayment Application

It's important to note that payments made through the Customer Portal are automatically applied to the oldest invoice(s) first. This method helps ensure that accounts are kept up to date in a systematic manner.


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