Managing Portal Settings and Contacts via the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal not only serves as a platform for service requests and payments but also as a hub for managing portal access and contact information. This functionality empowers your customers to directly control who can access the portal and how their contacts are managed within your system. This guide explains to your customers how to utilize these features and informs you, the ServiceCore user, about the process and its implications for account management.

Before You Start

Key information to share with your customers and to keep in mind as a ServiceCore user:

  • Portal Access: Customers access the portal at Ensure your customers have been enabled for Customer Portal access and are equipped with their login credentials.
  • User Permissions: Only certain users, typically primary account holders or those with specific permissions, can modify portal settings and manage contacts. Ensure your customers are aware of their level of access.
  • Sync with ServiceCore: Changes made in the Customer Portal regarding contact management are synchronized with your ServiceCore account, ensuring consistency across your records.

Customer Process for Managing Portal Settings and Contacts

Here’s how customers can manage their portal settings and contacts:

  1. Accessing Portal Settings:
    • Customers should log in to the Customer Portal and click on the settings cog located in the top right corner to access Portal Settings.
  2. Enabling or Disabling Portal Access for Contacts:
    • To enable access, customers can toggle the "Customer Portal Enabled" switch to on for an existing contact, who will then receive an invitation to join the portal.
    • To disable access, the toggle can be switched off, revoking the contact's access to the portal.
  3. Adding a New Contact:
    • Customers can add a new contact by clicking the "Add Contact" button, completing the required fields, and clicking "Save Contact." New contacts will automatically be invited to join the portal and will be listed under customer details in ServiceCore.
  4. Deleting a Contact:
    • To delete a contact, customers can click on the trash can icon in the actions column next to the contact and confirm the deletion. This removes the contact from the portal and the customer details in ServiceCore.
  5. Editing a Contact:
    • Contacts can be edited by clicking on the edit icon in the actions column, making the necessary changes, and then saving the contact. Edits made will also update in the ServiceCore system.

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Managing portal settings and contacts directly through the Customer Portal offers a level of autonomy to your customers, allowing them to ensure that their account information is accurate and up to date.

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