Managing Portal Requests in ServiceCore

ServiceCore's Customer Portal streamlines how service requests are made, offering a direct channel for customers to communicate their needs. As a ServiceCore user, managing these requests efficiently is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. This guide covers navigating the Portal Tab, viewing, and managing portal service requests, and the process for converting these requests into jobs or rentals.

Before You Start

Here are some things to be aware of before managing portal requests:

  • Subscription Requirement: The Customer Portal is an exclusive feature available only to ServiceCore Pro Plan subscribers. Learn more about the ServiceCore Pro Plan here.
  • Permission Levels: Viewing the Portal tab and managing portal service requests (converting them to new jobs or new rentals) are privileges restricted to users with Assistant Manager or higher-level permissions.

Accessing Portal Requests

To view and manage service requests submitted through the Customer Portal:

  1. Navigate to the Portal Tab: From any page within the ServiceCore web application, locate the Portal option in the top-level navigation bar. Clicking on this will direct you to the Portal Requests page.Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.00.26 PM.png
  2. Understanding Portal Request Statuses: Requests are categorized into four statuses for easy management:
    • New: Requests that have not been viewed.
    • Read: Requests that have been viewed but not yet acted upon.
    • Completed: Requests that have been successfully converted into jobs or rentals.
    • Declined: Requests that have been declined.
  3. Using Filters and Search: To streamline the management process, utilize quick filters to sort requests by the date received, service request date, or request status. A search function is also available to find requests by customer, contact name, site, or PO number.

Convert a Portal Request to a Job or a Rental

To turn a service request into a job or a rental:

  1. View Request Details: Click on "View Details" for the service request you wish to process. A modal will display all relevant details, including company and contact information and the specifics of the service request.
  2. Process the Request: You have three options:
    • Create Rental: Directs you to a page pre-populated with the request details to create a new rental.
    • Create Job: Similar to creating a rental, but for jobs, with request details pre-filled.
    • Decline Request: Allows you to decline the service request if it cannot be fulfilled.
  3. Completing or Declining the Request: Follow the prompts to either create the job/rental or decline the request. For jobs or rentals, making any necessary adjustments before finalizing is crucial. Declining a request will automatically notify the customer via email.

Declining a Portal Request

If a request cannot be accommodated:

  1. Review the Request Details: Begin by selecting "View Details" on the request you wish to decline.
  2. Initiate the Decline: Choose "Decline Request" within the modal. This action sends a notification email to the customer, informing them of the decline.
  3. Request Status Update: The request's status will update from New to Declined on the portal requests page.

Managing portal requests is a vital component of utilizing the Customer Portal to its full potential. By promptly reviewing, processing, or declining requests, you ensure that your operation runs smoothly and that customer needs are met efficiently.

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