06/13/2024 - New User Permissions Available, Schedule Filters Now Persist

The items mentioned below will be available on or after June 13, 2024. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser and update your mobile app to the latest version (9.4.24). Here's how to Get the Latest Version of ServiceCore.

New Roles! Order Taker, Dispatcher, and Billing Staff

With this release, we're happy to announce the launch of three new roles within ServiceCore. In addition to the most recently release role, Assistant Manager, we're adding Order Taker, Dispatcher, and Billing Staff. Below is a high-level breakdown of the new roles. For a more in-depth look at what these roles can/cannot do within the application, please refer to the Permissions Table within ServiceCore.

  • Assistant Manager:
    • Access to: Customers, Schedule, Rentals, Accounting, limited Reports, limited Settings
    • No access to: Company Billing Settings, exporting lists, deleting items
  • Order Taker:
    • Limited access
    • Can view/create: Customers, Jobs, Rentals, Invoices, Estimates, Record Payments
    • No access to: Schedule tab, Settings
  • Dispatcher:
    • Limited access
    • Can view/edit: Schedule, Jobs, Sites, Rentals, Contacts, Operations Reports
    • No access to: Accounting tab, Settings
  • Billing Staff:
    • Limited access
    • Can view/edit: Accounting/Invoices, Customers, Services, Estimates, Payments, Accounting Reports
    • No access to: Schedule tab, Settings

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 9.33.53 AM.png

Schedule Filters Persist Across Sessions

With this release, we have made an update to the Filters on the Schedule views. Filters will now persist across sessions, meaning you will no longer need to reapply your filters upon each session. However, your filter preferences will be reset when the cache is cleared. 



Owners Unable to Remove Themselves from the Schedule: With this release, we resolved an issue where users with the Owner role was unable to remove themselves from the schedule.

Customer Details Page KPIs: With this release, we made updates to the Customer Details page KPIs to resolve an issue where some overdue invoices were not included in the KPIs on that page.

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