Setting up a Company

Steps for Setting up a Company

Here is a check list of items to complete when starting using TAC.  Each step builds on the previous one and the key is that all the forms work the same way. Once you edit the Company name and address by pressing the Blue Edit button, that is the same way you edit all records.


  •  Populate company name and address: 
    • Admin/System Setting.Company
    • Click Edit
    • Populate company name, address phone and email and click save  Video Link
  • Company Logo
    • Select a temporary logo  for work orders and invoices 
      • Admin \  system setting \ Invoice \  3 - logo tab  = use magnify control at top
      • Email you company logo to so it can be formated
      • Support will attach your logo and add to web site 
  • Setup user setting
    • Admin/ User setting
    • When form opens click save and then exit. This sets up the computer for this user.
  • Setup reference files that are used when adding sites and customer. This is just a core group. Other will be updated as you see their use.
    • Overview  -  Video Link
    • 01 - Tickets or work order
    • 06 - Market type you service
    • 07 - Type units rented
    • 09 - Zip or postal codes  Video Link
    • 30 - Codes for clerk, sales source and sales credit
    • 10 - County Codes  Video Link
  • Unit inventory and price books
    • Bulk add administrative serial numbers for each type of unit to nearest 50 or 100 or 1000
    • Add price books for each type of unit (1W and 2W service)
    • Video Link
  • Adding customer and service locations
    • Commercial Waste,Portable Toilets
      • Use top of a service route and print last invoice for each stop. Enter each site 
      • Print first invoice and select format options
      • Work order
        • Create and print Video Link
        • select format options and reprint
      • Print service route reports and select starting format
      • Print work order route report


  • Post Receivables or pay generated invoices


  • Monitoring Business Activity via Reports

There are several key reports that should be run daily, weekly and monthly and reviewed to check on business activity.

  • Daily
    • Deposit report that details all receivables for the day.
      • \ Reports \ Financial \ 2.Receivables. \ 10 - Depots Report
  • Generate Week End and Month End Reports
    • Sales by Market  This list sales by market type e.g. construction, residential, commercial, etc. There is a long list of other options
      • Customer, zip code, billing type, sales source, sales credit, Unit type, charge code, ...
      • \ Reports \ Financial \ 1.Sales. \ 11 - Market analysis
    • Receivables by post date. Shows deposit by post date to check against accounting e.g. entries that will be matched with bank deposits at month end reconciliation
      • \ Reports \ Financial \ 2.Receivables. \ 34 - Post date summary analysis
    • Change analysis - Year and month Analysis prints out each year by month. Run for the last three years for both sales and receivables. This give you an clear overview of business activity.
      • \ Reports \ Financial \ 1.Sales. \ 30 - Year and Month
      • \ Reports \ Financial \ 2.Receivables. \ 32 - Year and Month Analysis
  • Setup User Accounts
We recommend limiting the option of deleting entries and administrative access to 1-2 people in our company.  If anyone else needs to delete or change administrative files they should contact these 1-2 people. You need to add a separate login for each person using TAC.  Steps are:
  1. Add initials for each person in reference file 30
  2. Admin \  User Permissions  Video Link
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