Adding A New Site or Customer

Start with Site


FROM THE MAIN MENU – Open the Site Master from the Main Menu selection “Site/Customer / Site Master / Edit Sites”.


FROM THE SHORTCUT ICONS – Select the Edit Sites button (little house image) located on the top of your screen



  1. Click the Add New button and enter the site name, address and market and rate codes. If the Billing and site address are the same, you can click the little magnifying glass next to the customer field. If they are different just manually enter the information into the customer field.
  2. Hit save. If you leave the Customer Number blank, the system will automatically create a Customer Number. (The system will warn you that it is going to populate customer number for you and you will have to hit the save button 2X)


After saving the site, you can bring up the Customer Master form by either or these methods:


  • Use the right click (mouse) action menu on any of the grids within the Site Master tabs or
  • Double-click the Customer Number to bring up the Customer Master screen.

Start with Customer

FROM THE MAIN MENU – Open the Customer Master from menu selection “Site/Customer / Customer Master / Edit Customers”.

FROM THE SHORTCUT MENU – Click on the Customer button (little head image).

  1. From the Customer Master click on Site tab and use the right click action menu in any of the grids within the Customer Master to add a new site to this customer.
  2. Click add new. The site screen will come up with the name and address pre-populated form the Customer Master.


Adding a New Customer



  1. Click the Edit Customers button (upper left corner).
  2. Click the Add New button (bottom left).
  3. Use your Tab key to go to the Name, Address 1 (Address 2 if needed), Zip, Phone/Fax fields and enter the customer data. NOTE: Entering the zip code and hitting the Tab key will make the city and state info appear automatically.
  4. You can leave the Customer # field blank. Click on the Save button (bottom left) and the system will automatically create a customer number using data in the Name field.

Repeat the above steps to add more customers.


To view a list of your customers you created:



  1. Click on the Search tab or the Edit Customer button (the first step in this help document).
  2. Click on the Search button (middle left) to pull up all existing customers.
  3. To update a specific customers data (e.g.,phone), double click the customer you will edit. You will now be on the Customer tab where you had created this customer originally.
  4. Click on the Edit button to edit the customer data.
  5. You can click on any field that is yellow (except the Customer # field) and change its data.
  6. Click the Save button when done or Undo if you do not want to save changes.
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