Managing Reference Files

Reference File Management

Reference files are locations within the system where you can store your own business
codes to speed data entry and to improve data entry quality. All reference files have a
number associated with them, which is the ID of the reference file type.

You manage the reference files form the Main Menu selection “Admin\Reference Files”.
This displays a form with all the reference files listed. You can double-click or use the
Right-Click Action Menu and select Edit to bring up a specific reference file.

The reference file form has two parts, the top part that displays the individual fields and
the bottom part which is a sorted list by code of entries in the reference file.



Edit a Reference Code

Select the entry using a single mouse click and then click the Edit command button. The
fields at the top will change color; you can change all the yellow fields. You must click
Save to record the changes, or Undo to cancel the changes. The reference file will be
resorted and you will be positioned at the top of the file.


Delete a Reference Code

Select the entry using a single mouse click and then click the Delete command button.
You will be prompted with a confirmation request. When you click the Yes button, the
code is removed and the items are resorted. You are then positioned at the top of the list.


Finding the Correct Reference File on a Form

All the reference files used on forms have a pull down control. When you click on the
down arrow, the control displays the code and description. In the title of the control is a
number which refers to the reference file id for that reference file type.

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