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Check List of Items To Complete for Roll Offs

Here is a check list of task to complete when setting up a Roll off Operations

  1. Add a division code with company name, address, phone, email, yard location
  2. Populate reference file 007 with each type of unit e.g. R05, R10, R15, etc where R is for roll off and ## is yards capacity
  3. Populate reference file 015 with rate codes for Delivery, Exchange and Pickup e.g. R05D - Delivery for a 5 yard container. Use highest pricing 
  4. Populate reference file 001 - Work order type e.g DR - Delivery roll off. can specify size e.g. DR05 dispatcher preferences
  5. Populate reference file 006 market type for category of roll off customer e.g. RRES - Residential, RCOM Commercial, RCON - Construction, etc
  6. Populate reference file 031 with driver code, email
  7. Populate reference file 032 with route code for drivers
  8. Populate reference file 0N2 with vehicle codes and tracking link to fleet management tools
  9. Set work order type to multi-line 6
  10. Create work steps Deliver, Exchange and Pickup a can. Policy issues:
    1. Track serial numbers?
    2. Charge rent if no activity for a selected time period e.g. 2 weeks
    3. Overdue unit policy - units delivered, but no activity
    4. Overage charges Weight
    5. Foreign material charges e.g. refrigerators
    6. Can placement process e.g. utility flags
  11. First invoice policy - what is included
  12. Daily, weekly and month end reporting
  13. Production tracking and work order profit analysis - requires hours\work order by tracked
  14. Create 3-10 sites with work orders, invoices and run reporting to validate work steps and reporting 
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