Web Service - Work Order Step-By-Step with Customer Signature

Overview Training Video 

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Back Office Steps

The back office manages the work order management process (Add, Delete, Edit, etc.).

They populate the route with the route code to have the work order

Description of display on tablet

Each work order will appear on the web service tablet grouped by the route code assigned too. The work order will list by the schedule state and stop number

The Dispatched check box must be blank for it to show on the tablet. Once checked, it is immediately removed

Driver Steps Web Service station - work order processing with Customer Signature

1.0 Log onto station

2.0 Go to Work Order being Worked On

  • Scroll down to Work order routes
  • Each route is displayed that has the drivers code in the description field. Show #WO.
  • Click on the work orders button on the far right for the route you want to work
  • Work orders will be displayed in date stop number order
  • click edit work order icon (notepad with pencel) for workorer being completed

3.0 Complete the fields 

  • When fields are completed
  • change status to ok
  • click save to apply changes (this will be displayed in F4 so back office can process)
4.0 Capture Signature Steps
  • Click site button
  • Click "Sign work order" (is now displayed with driver changes)
  • enter name in text box on top and have cusotmer sign on the tablet box
  • Click capture signature
  • Signature is now displayed at bottom of work order
5.0 Receipt to Cusotmer Options by driver
  • click email to send a copy or print
  • click close
  • clock order button to get back to list of work order

6.0 Done

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