Common to all Businesses - Financial Reporting

Sales or Invoiced Based upon Invoice Date

Complete set of invoiced based Financial report that report Gross  sales, Taxable, Non-taxable and taxed amount by the following categories

  • Market
  • Market Recap
  • Customer (high to low sales)
    • Customer
    • Customer with drill down by charge code
    • Customer with drill down by unit type
  • Billing Type
  • Site status code
  • Type unit with drill down by market segment
  • Sales source
  • Sales credit (commission reporting)
  • Charge code
  • Ledger code
  • State, County and city
  • Profit center
  • Disposal location
Sales Tax Reporting
  • Monthly Sales tax by state, county and city
  • Quarterly reporting g by State county and city
  • Sale tax by pro-rated county codes (up to 10 tax rates)

Cash or Receivables based upon Post date

  • State, county
  • State, county and city
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