Common to all Businesses - Notes

Common All Business - Notes

Notes are mainstay of most business systems. They are are flexible and allow every company to easily adjust for local business practices. All notes can be formatted and structures to make them easily readable and bring attention to the reason for the note. We support a full set of features that support management and display to support your business activities.

Following the videos is a listing of features an notes that can be used in your business

Site and Customer Popup Notes

Start of Day reminder notes

Attaching a document or image such as Contract or non service/blocked unit picture ​

Equipment images and notes on Work order (Paper Work Order)

Features that use notes   

  • Start of Day Notes popup
  • F11 notes dispatch board
  • Site popup notes
  • Customer popup notes
  • Printed notes listing
  • Printed notes letter printing
  • Sales tracking 

Notes available

  1. Internal site operational notes
  2. Directions
  3. Work order driver note
  4. Work order financial note
  5. Work  order divisional notes
  6. Work order customization note
  7. Standing order driver note
  8. Standing order financial note
  9. Equipment note
  10. Service stop note
  11. Service Route Divisional note
  12. Driver route note
  13. Email signature line notes
  14. Site notes Unlimited
  15. Customer notes unlimited
  16. Site invoice note
  17. Customer invoice note
  18. Divisional invoice note
  19. Line charge notes
  20. Rental unit billing note
  21. Billing notes at site
  22. Billing notes at customer
  23. Collections notes
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