Business Planning Issues for Roll Offs and Commercial Waste

Two market market segments for solid waste are 

  • Commercial or Front or rear loaders
  • Construction or Roll Offs or C&D
Commercial waste 
Commercial waste are large bin that are used by restaurants, office complexes and shared apartments. Typically vary in size from 2 - 5 yards and are serviced on a weekly schedule. Both trash and recycling is handled via separate bins or cans. The profitability of this market segments is having the highest density service routes and access to disposal locations.  Productivity is limited by travel time between stops, travel time to/from disposal location and access/egress time to the service areas from the dispatch yard.  

Features in TAC to address these issues are

  • Route recommendation tool that allows selection by day of week and route - This makes  packing the service zone a simple clerical action and quickly id's new sites that are outside of the profitable zone so alternatives can be considered to service this zone with:
    1. Pricing alternative
    2. Expanding marketing in new zone
    3. Rearranging service routes to give coverage

Construction or Roll Offs or C&D

Construction is an event or work order or ticket  based service.. The business is capital intensive cost of roll offs\bins and transport vehicle.  Profitability is maintained by turn over in roll off usage e.g. roll off exchanged or removed and emptied.  The first business issue is not to have idle cans on customers locations. Key to monitory this is an overdue unit report e.g. Number of days on site since the last billing event.   Each work order or event profitability is driven by the hours taken to complete the job. Having a measure of profitability by work order is key to identifying and correcting operational problems. e.g. profitability by work order, route, driver, customer or service location.

Features in TAC to address these issues are:

  • Overdue unit report that allows selection of locations with units on site longer then the selected number of days. Report include service location demographics so it can be used as a call sheet
  • Production tracking that give before tax gross profit at the work order level and rolled up to quickly identify operational areas of conccern
    • Driver
    • Route
    • Service location
    • Customer
    • Etc.
  • Web Service Tablet
    • Customer signature
    • Driver note maintains previous entry Enter serial number, etc without loss of previous entry in note
    • Up to six line items for driver to populate to handle billing events e.g. Overage, Recycled items, etc
    • Full site information
    • Site notes by driver with history
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