9/6/2018 Release Notes

Click to pay: This new feature allows your customers to pay an invoice online. You can enable or disable "click to pay" for each invoice. The invoice email contains a link for the customer that will open up a website that has your company information, invoice details, payment options. Once the payment is process the invoice will be automatically marked as paid in ServiceCore and your customer will receive a receipt.

Job Disclaimer: You can now add a job disclaimer to all of your jobs by going into the "Settings", click on "Company" and choose the "Default Messages" tab. The disclaimer will appear on all jobs, printed service tickets and the mobile app.



Credit memo email: You can now send an email confirmation after creating a customer credit memo.

Schedule Map Hover Icon: On the schedule map there is a correlation between each job on the left and the pins on the map. This will make it visually easier improving daily routes and finding jobs that are very close together on the map.


Technician with Billing: We have removed all accounting reports for the permission role "Tech - Billing". A user with this role can still invoice and receive a payment, but can not see the accumulated sales data.

Customer - Add Payment Term: The payment term used and saved when creating invoices can now be viewed from the customer detail screen.


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