9/13/2018 Release Notes

Signature on Jobs: You can now have your customers sign a work order on any mobile device using our ServiceCore app. Saving the signature will automatically capture date/time and GPS location. You can see a customer's signature by viewing a completed job or printing the service ticket.

Screenshot_20180914-110739.png      Screenshot_20180914-110822.png 


Touch-Id/Face-Id: Our mobile app is now easier to use. You can log in using the build in touch-id or face-id functionality. Just make sure you download the latest app.

Screenshot_20180914-105812.png       Screenshot_20180914-110335.png

Credit Memo Email: You can now send an email confirmation after creating a customer credit memo.



Invoice Creation - Ability to Associate Rental: When creating an invoice, you can now associate a rental that has the same customer and service address. This will allow you to create rentals from anywhere, but you can still reference a specific rental.


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