QuickBooks Desktop Sync 2.0
The QuickBooks Desktop sync with ServiceCore has been redesigned from the ground up.  It is now a more efficient, robust and stable sync version. 
This is accomplished by shuttling data through a 'bridge' system before entering or leaving ServiceCore, which gives us more control over the process.
We will not switch any customers over to the new sync automatically. We will contact every QB Desktop user individually. This upgrade will be at no cost for you.
If you would like to find out more, please contact our support team.


Reassign Job: In the user settings, you can re-assign a user's jobs with one easy click.



Aging Report Filter: If your company is using divisions, you can now filter your aging report for each of them.


Job Tables - Technician Filter: If you would like to see which jobs are assigned to a specific technician, simply use the filters above the table.


Service Ticket Layout: We designed a new service ticket layout so you can find easily information.


Product Categories: You can now categorize your inventory by going into the settings, choosing the inventory and the sub-tab of categories. Structuring your inventory will help you easily find specific inventory when you create a rental. It will also help you identify the rental type on the schedule when you're dispatching jobs.




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