11/2/2018 Release Notes

Custom Site Types: 

Admins can now define custom site types.
Please go to Settings, click on the "Custom Fields" and the "Site" tab.


The existing site types: Residential, Commercial, Government are still in there, but they can be deactivated.

You can add as many site types as you like, all it takes is a name.

Since sites are your service locations, you can now define your service areas or markets specifically to your company's needs. This way your site types will be associated to a job and later to an invoice.


Custom Job Types: 

Underneath Settings, Custom Fields and the Job tab, admins can now create custom job types.


Creating a new job type is easy. You name your new job type, e.g. plumbing and determine if this type of job is using your inventory and if it is adding/removing inventory.


Default job types are: Rental-Delivery, Rental-Service, Rental-Pickup and they can not be edited or deactivated. All other job types can be edited, deactivated and deleted if not used on a job.


If you find your "pumping" job type missing, then it is because any non-rental job can now relate to system types. Simply go to the settings and define or own type of "pumping" job.

Offline Mode for Mobile App: 
Our ServiceCore mobile app now has an offline mode for iOS and Android to help view and complete jobs. Quick summary for best practices:

  • Start your drivers day by downloading all jobs before entering offline mode.
  • Remember to sync again once all jobs are completed at the end of the day.
  • As soon as data, service or WiFi is available, the driver will be prompted to sync.
  • At this point, there are no alerts when a job is edited or the job order has changed in the back office.
  • Any driver job updates will overwrite back office changes.



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