11/18/2018 Release - Edit Recurring Templates, GPS and Barcode Scanning for Mobile

New Web Features:

Edit Recurring Template: The "Recurring" tab in accounting offers now the functionality of "editing the recurring template". Now you can easily make updates to the invoice template before your monthly batch billing.

Condensed Jobs on Weekly Schedule: If your company is scheduling more than 500 jobs per week, you will see a condensed view of your jobs. It will show you the job totals per day and technician. Individual jobs can be still viewed by clicking on the job total. The condensed view offers a better overview and is improving the schedule performance.


Customer Attachments: You can now add and view any customer specific attachments. Simply go to your "Customer" page and find the new tab called "Attachments".


Product Quantity on Schedule: The Day and List view on the schedule contain now the product quantity.

Inactive Customer Search:  We have improved the customer search to see more easily inactive customers alongside your active ones.


Remove Gallons Label from Product Size: When using the size field on your inventory products, you can enter now any size type, e.g. tons, pounds.



Rename TaxRate to TaxCode: We renamed the tax rate field to tax code in anticipation of tax updates that will contain functionality for tax break downs into city, state, federal entities. Stay tuned.


New Mobile App Features (Android & iOS):

Inventory Management/Bar-code Scanning: Your ServiceCore app offers now inventory management on the mobile app. In addition to that you can associate bar-codes with any of your serialized inventory. Simply select your product item, scan its bar-code and it'll get associated. On your next delivery job you only need to bar-code scan during the job completion.

For a the complete how-to article, check out Associate Barcodes to Inventory Items.

GPS Recording of Units: You can now record the GPS location of any serialized unit. While out on delivery, service or after pickup simply click the GPS icon and the current location will be saved. This way you will always know where your units are located. If you are scanning bar-codes on delivery it will update the units GPS location automatically.

Display Product Quantity: The technicians job list will now also show the total quantity of units for each job.

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