Record a Payment

Ready to get paid? We hope so!

ServiceCore allows you to record a payment, whether you accept payment via cash, check, credit card, or if you process credit cards through ServiceCore using Clover Connect or You can also record a payment when you have credit memos on file for a customer.

In this article, you'll learn how to record a payment.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you record a payment in ServiceCore:

  • You must have Manager, Admin or Owner level permission to record a payment
  • To process credit cards through ServiceCore, you will need to get your account connected to your Clover or merchant account by following the steps on the Settings > Accounting > CC Processing tab in your ServiceCore account
  • If you are not already setup with a merchant account, we recommend Clover Connect because it offers special rates for ServiceCore customers. For more information about Clover Connect and how you can use it along with ServiceCore, check out this page
  • If you would like to allow your customers to pay their invoices online, follow these steps to accept online payments
  • If you would like to record a payment in bulk for recurring invoices, follow the steps in this article about how to use batch billing

For Processed Credit Card Transactions

To process a credit card through your merchant account, the Process credit card box must be checked when you are filling out the Record Payment form. If you this box isn't checked before you click Submit Payment the payment will not process through your merchant account and will simply be recorded with a payment type of credit card. When credit card processing is enabled, the box will be checked on by default.


If you want to process the credit card through your merchant account, don't forget to check this box!

How to Record a Payment

Show Me How

For step-by-step, in-app help recording a payment, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ServiceCore account
  2. Then, click on this link: Record Payment

Tell Me How

For written instruction on how to record a payment, follow these steps:

Locate the Customer and Invoice(s)

  1. Click the (magnifying glass) search icon on the header
  2. Choose Customers from the Search Category dropdown
  3. Enter a search term in the search box (You can search by full or partial: customer number, customer name, company/organization name, address, city, email address or phone number)
  4. Click the (magnifying glass) search icon
  5. Locate the customer for which you want to record the payment
  6. Click View Customer
  7. Click Accounting
  8. Click the Unpaid tab
  9. Locate one of the invoices for which you want to record a payment (you will be able to select multiple invoices when recording a payment)
  10. Click Record Payment for that invoice
  11. Review and verify the customer information is correct
  12. Go to the Select Payment Method section

Select Payment Method

For Customers with Credit Memos

If this is a customer with credit memos on file, and you want to apply a credit memo as a form of payment, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Payment date (default is today's date)
  2. The Payment method will be pre-filled with Credit memo (if this customer has one credit memo on file, it will be pre-selected)
  3. If this customer has more than one credit memo on file, select the credit memo you want to use
  4. Enter in the amount to apply, if different than full amount of the credit memo
  5. Continue to Select Invoices

Cash, Check or Non-Processed Credit Card Payments

If you don't want to use a credit memo, and you customer is paying by cash, check, or a credit card that will not be processed through your Clover Connect or merchant account, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Payment date (default is today's date)
  2. Select the payment method from the Payment method dropdown
  3. Enter the amount of the payment in the Amount field
  4. Enter a Reference number (optional)
  5. Continue to Select Invoices

For Processed Credit Card Payments

If your ServiceCore account is setup to process credit cards through Clover Connect or, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Payment date (default is today's date)
  2. To use a saved credit card, choose it from the bottom of the Payment method list
  3. If you will be processing a new credit card:
    1. Select Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express as the Payment Method
    2. Make sure the box next to Process Credit Card is checked on
    3. Fill out the Name on card, Card number, Expires and Security Code
    4. If the billing address for the credit card is the same as the customer billing address, check the box next to Same as customer billing address
    5. If the two billing addresses are different, leave this box unchecked and enter in the Billing address
  4. Enter the payment amount to charge to the credit card in the Amount field
  5. Continue to Select Invoices

Select Invoices

Once you have chosen the payment method, now you are ready to choose which invoices to pay by following these steps:

  1. If you came to the record payment form from an invoice, that invoice will be pre-selected in the list of invoices
  2. You can choose to select additional invoices to pay
  3. Or, you can choose different invoices to pay
  4. For each invoice, you can leave the full Invoice payment amount, or edit the amount to be less than the full invoice due amount
  5. If you don't see the invoice you're looking for, select a higher number from the View options, or move to the next page of invoices using the next arrow below the list of invoices
  6. Once the Amount left to apply line is $0.00 you are ready to continue

Add Notes and Submit Payment

After you have chosen the payment method, entered the payment amount and selected invoices, follow these steps:

  1. Enter an Internal memo (optional)
  2. Check the box next to Email Receipt to customer if you want to send a copy of the payment receipt to this customer by email
  3. Click Submit Payment
  4. If this is a new credit card, you can save the card information for this customer for future use by clicking Yes in the popup that appears (if you don't want to save the card, click No)

That's it! You got paid.

FAQs about Payments

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about recording a payment and payments:

What happens if I do not check the process credit card box?

If you do not check the process payment box, the payment will post to ServiceCore without posting to your merchant account.

If a credit card is declined, how soon will ServiceCore notify me?

In the case where a card is declined due to incorrect information being entered (incorrect card number, expiration date, name on card, etc.), you will be notified immediately on-screen that that payment has been declined. Resolve this error by double checking the card information and trying the payment again.

In the case where a card is declined due to scenarios such as lack of funds, suspicious or fraud activity, the card has been reported stolen, etc., you will be notified immediately on-screen that the payment has been declined. Please contact the card holder or your merchant account for more information.

If you use a credit card for autopay during batch billing, you will know that the payment has been declined within five minutes or less. You will receive an email to your inbox if/when a payment is declined so you can double check the card information or follow up with the card holder accordingly.

In the case where a payment is declined after settlement, such as in the case of a chargeback, this process typically takes 30-90 days, and can take up to 120 days depending on the brand of credit card in question. Please contact your merchant account's help center for specific information about their chargeback policies.

Can I edit a payment?

Yes! Here is how you edit payments: Edit a Payment.

Can I refund a payment?

Sometimes. Cash, check and non-processed payments can be refunded immediately. Processed credit card payments (though or Clover Connect) are subject to the terms and conditions of the credit card merchant about how soon a refund can be processed for a credit card transaction. In this case you can choose to void the payment instead.

Can I delete a payment?

Sometimes. Cash, check and non-processed payments can be deleted immediately. Processed credit card payments (though or Clover Connect) are not able to be deleted through ServiceCore and are subject to the terms and conditions of the credit card merchant. 

How many credit memos can I apply at once?

Credit memos can be applied one at at time.

Do I have to accept cash as a form of payment?

No. It's a default payment method, but if it doesn't make sense for your business, you don't have to access cash as a method of payment (don't choose this option when recording payments).

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