12/26/2018 Release - Custom System Types

New Web Features

Custom System Types: 
Underneath Settings, Custom Fields and the System tab, admins can now define custom system types. The existing system types are still in there, but they can be deactivated from further use. Adding a system type is simple, click "Add System Type" and give it a name. When adding or editing a system, you get to categorize them with these types. The volume report also offers your custom system types.


View Payment: When viewing a paid invoice, you have now the option to view more payment information. The "View Payment" link will show a payment page with possible other paid invoices.



Name Changes on Rental: We improved the "Create Rental" page by renaming "Add additional services" to "Add additional charges", and made the "Add Service Job" a button.



Site Tab Default Display: We have updated the site table data sorting to show the newest site/highest site number first.


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