2/27/2019 Release - Refunds and Bulk Credit Card Processing


ServiceCore now offers a refund functionality. A refund can be created from the payment screen or can be issued just for a specific customer. Refunds are in full or partial, and can be simply recorded or processed back to specific credit card if your company account is connected via Authorize.net or CardConnect.

For more information, check out this article about how to create a refund.

Bulk Billing and Bulk Credit Card Charges

We have updated our bulk billing feature to allow you a preview of the invoice totals and invoice details. During the preview you are now able to remove an invoice from the batch queue. 
In addition to that we have updated the bulk billing to also allow bulk credit card charges: In order to enable your recurring invoice template for "Auto-CC Charges", simply "edit the recurring template" and add a customer credit card to it. During the bulk billing process, the system will create an invoice, charge the credit card and send your customer a payment receipt.

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