Add Jobs and Attachments to an Invoice

When creating an invoice, ServiceCore gives you the option of adding jobs, along with their services and attachments, directly on to the invoice.

For example, if your driver noticed your inventory product sustained damage while at a customer's location, they can take pictures of that through the ServiceCore Mobile App. You can then add this job to an invoice with a damage charge, along with the pictures, to send out to your customer. That way your customer gets the context behind the charge at the same time they receive the invoice.

In this article we'll go over adding jobs and attachments onto an invoice using the invoice sidebar.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process:

How to Add Jobs and Attachments to an Invoice

  1. Click the plus (+) sign and select Create Invoice
  2. Select your Customermceclip0.png
  3. Open the right hand menu by clicking the arrow
  4. Use the filters to select specific dates or job statusmceclip2.png
  5. Add the job to the invoice using the "Add" button
  6. If the job has attachments on it, a lightbox will appearmceclip3.png
  7. Repeat for all the jobs you would like to add to the invoicemceclip5.png
  8. If Billable Jobs were added to the invoice, their services will appear along with the Job number and date of service.mceclip6.png
  9. If Attachments from a job were added, they will appear underneath the Attachments section of the formmceclip7.png
  10. Fill out the rest of the fields on the form
  11. Click Save and Email to send out the attachments along with the invoice.

After you email the Invoice to your customer

Your customer will receive an email from which will include their invoice details, the invoice PDF, and the attachments you included from any jobs that were added.


Next Steps

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