Edit Job Completion Notes

Once a job is finished, the technician who marks it as done will have the opportunity to add job completion notes. Job completion notes can be added to a job from the ServiceCore mobile app or from the web app.

In this article, you'll learn where and how to edit job completion notes.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you edit job completion notes:

  • Jobs that are scheduled or in progress will not have job completion notes
  • Only jobs that are completed, partial service, or unable to service will have job completion notes
  • You can add new notes or edit existing notes for jobs marked done
  • Job completion notes are optional, though highly recommended

View Job Completion Notes

To find the completed jobs and view job completions notes, use any of the methods below.

From the Schedule

To edit job completion notes from the schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Schedule
  2. Using the Week, Day, List or Map view, navigate to the Date the job was completed
  3. Navigate to the technician who completed the job
  4. Navigate to the completed job
  5. Hover over the completed job (or tap on the completed job if you are using a touchscreen computer, laptop, tablet or phone)
  6. Click the View (eye) icon button
  7. The Actions Button will appear at the top of the next screen
  8. Click Actions
  9. Hover over Edit, then select Edit Job Completionmceclip2.png
  10. In the lightbox that appears, add or edit the notes inside the Job Completion notes field
  11. Once you're finished, click Save

From Customers

To view job completion notes from a customer details page, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Global Search or navigate to Customers
  2. Use the Search box to quickly locate a customer by full or partial: customer number, customer name, company/organization name, address, city, email address or phone number
  3. You can also use Sort by and Filter by options to refine a long list of customers
  4. Once you find the customer you want to view, click View Customer
  5. If the job you want to view was the last job completed, click the Job number in the Last Completed Job box
  6. If this wasn't the most recent job, scroll down and click the Jobs tab
  7. Navigate to the Job you want to edit
  8. You can search by site using the Filter by site search box
  9. To see only completed jobs, click Filter by
  10. Click the Status dropdown list
  11. Choose Done from the list of options
  12. Click Close
  13. Once you find the completed job, click the arrow next to the View button
  14. Hover over Edit, then click Edit Job Completion

  15. In the lightbox that appears, add or edit the notes inside the Job Completion notes field
  16. Once you're finished, click Save in the lightbox

After you edit job completion notes

Once you're done editing job completion notes, you may want to do the following:


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