Add a Job Type

ServiceCore allows you to create custom job types to reflect your unique service offerings. Custom job types can be used if you provide rental services, manage inventory, or if you don't. If you perform installation, repair, maintenance, all of these services, or none of them, custom job types has you covered.

In this article, you'll learn how to add, edit and deactivate job types.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you create job types:

  • You will need Admin or Owner level permission to add a job type
  • Every job type must have a unique name 
  • Custom job types can be used for jobs that use inventory (delivery, pickup, service), and for jobs that do not use inventory

Default Job Types

Every new ServiceCore account starts with three default rental job types:

  1. Delivery
  2. Service
  3. Pickup

You can use the default job types if you prefer, or create unlimited job types.

Add a Job Type

To add a custom job type, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click the Custom Fields tab
  3. Click the Jobs tab (it should already be open)
  4. If you only need rental delivery, service and pickup jobs, then you can stop now and you do not need to create additional job types
  5. If you want more than these three types of rental jobs, please continue
  6. Click Add Job Type

  7. lightbox will appear containing some questions about this new job type
  8. Type in Job type name (this must be unique and can't be used for another job type)
  9. If this type of job does not use inventory, such as pumping or grease jobs, select the No option for the "Does this job use inventory?" question (and skip to step 15)
  10. If this type of job does use inventory, such as portable toilets, roll-off containers, fencing, traffic cones, or any items you rent out, select the Yes option for the "Does this job use inventory?" question
  11. If you answer Yes to the question, "Does this job use inventory?" then please choose an option for "How is the inventory used?"
  12. For rental Delivery jobs where you deliver or drop off rental inventory you own, select the Delivery option
  13. For rental Pickup jobs where you pick-up rental inventory you own, select the Pickup option
  14. For rental Service jobs where you service rental inventory you own, select the Service option
  15. Type in the Unit of measure if applicable to this job type (this is optional)
  16. For more information, click the blue (?) help icon

  17. Once you're finished, click Add Job Type

After adding a job type

Once you've added custom job types, whenever you Create a Job or Create a Rental your custom job type will appear.

  • For information on how to create a job, check out Create a Job
  • For information on how to create a rental, please read Create a Rental or Create an Event Rental
  • You can edit a custom job type anytime
  • You can deactivate a custom job type anytime
  • If you create a custom job type by mistake, you must deactivate the job type first before you can delete it
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