5/16/2019 Release - Offline Mobile App Features, Redesigned Receipt PDF and more

The following new features and improvements are available in ServiceCore as of May 16, 2019.

Mobile App

The following mobile releases will be available in the next few days once Apple and Google make the next version of the ServiceCore mobile app available for download.


  • Offline inventory Management
    While offline, technicians can assign units to a rental upon delivery, update usage and condition of units during service jobs, and on pick-up jobs, check units back in to be available for other rental jobs.
  • Offline GPS
    Technicians can record the GPS coordinates of inventory items while offline (outside cell data or wifi coverage).
  • Partial pick-up jobs
    Technicians can now complete partial pick-up jobs using the mobile app.


  • Images attached to jobs using the mobile app can now be opened on the web app
  • The customer signature, date and GPS of signatures now appear on service ticket PDFs

Get the App

To download and start using the ServiceCore mobile app:

Web App

The features, improvements and fixes below are now available in the web app version of ServiceCore.


  • Payment receipt PDF
    The Payment Receipt PDF has an updated look and improved layout. You will now see your company logo in the upper right corner of payments receipts. Plus, if you record a payment that is applied to multiple invoices, the payment receipt PDF now displays all invoices, complete with line items, totals and taxes per invoice.mceclip3.png
  • Payment receipt email
    Payment receipt emails will now display the correct information whether the payment is for a single invoice or for multiple invoices.
  • Add invoices to print and email queue
    You now have the ability to add invoices to your print queue and email queue from the accounting tab on the customer details page.mceclip0.png
  • Sort and filter inventory when creating a rental
    When you create a rental, you can now filter and sort the inventory that appears in the form. These new sorting and filtering will make it easier and faster to find and select the inventory you want to rent.mceclip1.png


  • On the payment screen, the reference number now has the correct label
  • The message you see after bulk creation of invoices now contains the correct information
  • On the edit product form, the quantity amount is now correct
  • An issue with job information being hidden at the bottom of the schedule has been fixed
  • The inventory map now closes properly when you schedule a pickup from active rental map from within the customer rentals tab
  • An issue with large invoice attachments failing to send for new invoices and credit memos has been fixed.

Coming Soon

The following new features and improvements are just around the corner!

  • Support for Jamaica and Panama addresses
  • The ability to add rental line items with classes to recurring templates
  • Update to the layout of invoice PDFs to match the new payment receipt PDF design mentioned above
  • New and improved options for whole month recurring billing
  • Improvements to schedule loading speed
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