5/23/2019 Release - Jamaica and Panama Address Support, Line Item Class on Recurring Templates, TAC to ServiceCore Improvements and more

The following new features and improvements are available in ServiceCore as of May 23, 2019.


  • Line Item Class on Recurring Templates
    For recurring templates, the line item class will now save to the template so it doesn't have to be re-selected every time
  • TAC to ServiceCore Transitions
    The data script that transitions customers from TAC to ServiceCore has been updated and improved
  • Support for Jamaica and Panama Addresses
    ServiceCore now supports more non-US addresses, including Jamaica and Panama


  • An issue with the bottom of the schedule bouncing has been fixed
  • The subtotal is now displaying with the correct calculation on payment receipt PDFs
  • The tool to assign a site to a new customer has been fixed

Coming Soon

The following new features and improvements are just around the corner!

  • More options for whole month recurring billing cycles
  • Mobile app improvements including showing more info for each job and making it easier to see what version of the app you're using
  • Updates to the invoice PDF to match the new receipt PDF layout
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