7/5/2019 Release - Improved Invoice and Estimate Filters, Attachment Help Text and more

The following new features and improvements are available in ServiceCore on or after July 5, 2019.


Filter by "Not Sent" Invoices and Estimates

On the Invoices and Estimates tabs, you can now filter by items “Not Sent”. If there are invoices or estimates that have not been emailed or printed, you can filter to see only those items.

Attachment Help Text

You will now see a link to view information about file types and size limits before attaching files.


  • Imported addresses no longer appear as “Not In Existing Territory” when they are geo-located in a territory.
  • All top level navigation items now appear under the quick action menu on tablets, phones and other small screens.
  • The upper navigation menu now collapses automatically on tablets, phones and other small screens.
  • Times shown on the “View on Map” page now match the times shown on the schedule.
  • For Schedule Suggestion, a pin now appears on the map to show the location of the job you are scheduling.
  • For batch billing, the message on the screen now refreshes automatically once your invoice preview is complete.

Coming Soon

  • A completely new and redesigned Reports landing page.
  • Updated reports including the Detailed Sales Report and Sales Line Item Report.
  • An improved layout when you view lists of jobs for customers and on rentals.
  • A tab in the Accounting section to display Payments.
  • Larger company logos on your invoice and receipt PDFs.
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