8/8/2019 Release - New Reports Landing Page, Updated Reports, Payments Tab, Reactivate Inventory, Job Table Updates and more

The following new features and improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after August 8, 2019.



Report Landing Page

The reports landing page has undergone a major facelift!

  • You will now see all available reports on one screen without extra clicks.
  • Reports are grouped together into major sections for better organization of related reports
  • Each report includes a short explanation, so you know what you'll see before you even click
  • The ability to expand and collapse sections so you control what you're looking at on the page at all times

Sales Line Item Report

  • You can now review and export a Sales Line Item Report
  • This report allows you to review your sales by services, class or income account
  • You can also export and create your own structured sales accounts

Detailed Sales Report

  • The Gross Sales Report has been renamed to "Detailed Sales Report"
  • The new detailed sales report will allow you to know how much net and gross sales you have for a given time period
  • The sales report will include invoices, as well as credit memos and refunds

Payments Tab

See all your payments in one place with the new payments tab. 

  • You will find this new tab in the main Accounting section of your ServiceCore account
  • You will also see a Payments tab in the accounting section for each individual customer
  • Filter by payment method, date and paid online
  • Download a CSV of all payments
  • Search payments by number, customer name, reference number, and amount
  • If you process credit cards through ServiceCore using Authorize.net or CardConnect, you can also search by transaction ID
  • Quickly and easily create refunds, print or email receipts, and delete cash and check payments

Reactivate Deactivated Inventory

You will now be able to reactivate inventory that you had deleted or deactivated in the past.

For deactivated and previously-deleted inventory, these items:

  • Will now display in the inventory settings tab
  • Can now be reactivated if needed. For example, if you deactivate a unit while it undergoes maintenance or repair, you can now reactivate it once it's ready to be rented again.
  • Will not be available for rentals until the items are reactivated
  • Will not show in inventory tables or available inventory counts when creating a rental

Job Table Updates

We have had several requests by customers to show more information when viewing lists of jobs on rentals and on customer details pages. We gathered together this feedback and have added more information and quick action items for jobs tables.

These updates include:

  • Showing the status of jobs (scheduled, in progress, done, partial service, etc.)
  • Help text to display when a job has driver notes
  • Help text to display when a job has attachments
  • Showing job details including job type, volume, inventory, technician's name, and more
  • Icons to indicate emergency and repeat jobs
  • Separate dates to show when the job was scheduled and when the job was completed
  • Display of the site name and number
  • One-click to create an invoice for a job
  • Quick actions to view, edit or invoice jobs
  • And more...


  • When editing a custom job type in your settings, you will no longer see an error when you create jobs that have no volume unit of measure.
  • The billing period will now display in the description field for rental line items on invoices
  • Safari users are now able to create estimates with past dates.
  • Safari users will now be able to view all jobs on the schedule without extra clicks.

QuickBooks Syncs

  • Duplicate line items on invoices will no longer be created during syncs between ServiceCore and QuickBooks online.
  • When a site is created in ServiceCore that has the same name as a site in QuickBooks Online, we now have improved error handling to help troubleshoot sync failures.
  • Better error handling and monitoring has been put in place when QuickBooks Online syncs fail without logging any errors.

Coming Soon

The following new features and improvements are just around the corner!

  • The option to send emails to customers after a job is completed
  • Updated Class Line Item Report
  • Updates to QuickBooks Desktop sync
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