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Here's your peek behind the curtain. This page describes upcoming features, tools, improvements and functionality that the ServiceCore team is currently discussing, sketching, designing, coding and testing.


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Copy Invoices

We're putting the finishing touches on a feature that will allow you to copy one-time invoices. This feature will save you time, effort, and errors around invoices if you already have an invoice on file that has all the right line items, rental rates and surcharges.


Time & Distance Calculator

Do you ever need to quickly calculate time and distance between two locations? Like when you receive a phone call and you need to know if this potential customer is within your service area? Or when you need to dispatch a driver to a new job or to an emergency job? And when you're creating an invoice and need to add a trip charge? Yes, yes, and yes!


We are currently in the design and building phases of a new tool that will allow you to quickly calculate time and distance between locations right within ServiceCore. You won't have to open another website or external tool to handle this for you. It doesn't save you time or effort to have to use two tools to get your job done, if one tool can handle it all.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews of this feature as we make them available on this page.

Closed Accounting Periods

mceclip3.pngWe are currently in the research, planning and design phases of a feature that will allow you to create a closed accounting period in ServiceCore.

This means that anytime a user in your account (including you!) tries to create or edit transactions on or before the closing date, the system will warn them against taking any type of action that might affect the correctness and balance of your books.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews of this feature as we make them available on this page.

Price Rules

How many three ring binders are sitting on your desk right now with pages and pages of information about the prices you charge customers for products and services? Prices for residential vs municipal customers. Different prices for customers in different territories. Different prices for new vs existing customers. Not to mention different prices for special events vs long term contracts.

We are currently in the planning and design phases of a new set of features to reduce your pricing related effort and errors. So you can do something else with all those three ring binders taking up space on your desk.


This new set of features will allow you to setup custom pricing rules based on factors such as customer type, territory, product type, event type, etc. At the same time, you will be able to setup pricing for your major accounts, so each time you make a new invoice for these VIP customers, the pricing is accurate and consistent.

We will update this page with more information as it becomes available. Stay tuned.

Release Announcements

If you want to be the first to know when the features and improvements above are live in your account, you can get release announcements delivered straight to your inbox every Thursday. Here's how:

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