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Here's your peek behind the curtain. This page describes upcoming features, tools, improvements and functionality that the ServiceCore team is currently discussing, sketching, designing, coding and testing.


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  2. Automated Rental Rate Proration for Recurring Invoices and Batch Billing
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Early Pick-Up Proration in Company Settings

We are currently working to provide you with more controls over rental rates and proration. Part of this work includes the ability for you to decide, at a company level, whether or not you want to prorate rental rates when there are early pick-ups (in the middle of a billing cycle).


What you will see in company settings will be a new "Proration" setting. This setting will be pre-selected to "Yes" because today rental rates always prorate for early pickup. Coming soon, we will enable this setting so you can change it if you decide you don't want to prorate for early pick-ups. Based on your selection, ServiceCore will handle the calculation of rental rates accordingly based on mid-billing cycle pick-up jobs.

For more information about new, upcoming features, visit these links to learn more:

Automated Rental Rate Proration for Recurring Invoices and Batch Billing

When you bill rentals in advance or in arrears using recurring invoices, you never want to miss out on extra service jobs, one-time charges, or mid-billing cycle deliveries or pick-ups. Before now, in order to bill for these kinds of activities, you had to make one-time invoices manually. This caused you extra time and effort to create invoices for mid-billing cycle activities.


The improved rental rate proration and recurring invoice billing will now handle collecting together any mid-billing cycle activities on rentals, and automatically adding them to invoices created from recurring templates. This includes when you create the invoice from the recurring template manually and when you use batch billing.

Turn On Automated Rental Rate Proration When You're Ready

To find out all the exciting details about what happens when you start letting us handle the heavy lifting of proration for you, please check out these additional resources:


Release Announcements

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