10/17/2019 Release - New Job Actions Menu and more...

The following new features and improvements will be available in ServiceCore on or after October 17, 2019.


Job Actions Menu

ServiceCore has updated the job form and the job table to include a convenient drop-down to access the Actions you need to take on a job quickly!  Don't worry, the functionality works exactly the same as before, we've just grouped up the buttons to make them easier to use.



  • Fixed a problem with displaying the technician's photo in the Job confirmation email
  • Fixed the sort by Total Amount on the Sales Tax by tax Agency report
  • Corrected a filter to properly display recurring invoices that are not associated to a Rental when the Scheduling Type Non-rental is selected
  • Fixed the Refund link on the Detailed Sales report to navigate the browser to the refund details page
  • Updated a filter to enforce the the Payment Date "From" to be before the Payment Date "To"
  • Fixed the field validations on the Add New Division form to display a message that the field is required
  • Corrected an issue on the Record Payment page when attempting to process a credit card that is not valid
  • Fixed a problem where a slow internet connection could sometimes duplicate rental line items on an invoice created manually from a recurring template

Coming Soon

The following new features and improvements are just around the corner!

  • A tool to help ServiceCore Customer Service answer QuickBooks sync questions more easily
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