How do you decide what new features and changes to add to ServiceCore?

Customers often ask us to add new features to ServiceCore, or to make changes to how ServiceCore looks or acts. We love this kind of feedback.

How do we decide what to work on?

The short answer: it's complicated.

As for the long answer, we take into consideration several factors, including:

  1. How many customers have asked for this feature?
  2. How much effort will it take to build this feature?
  3. How many parts of the software does this affect?
  4. Are customers unable to use the software unless we make this change?
  5. Is there a workaround?
  6. Does this feature address technical debt within our software?
  7. Does this feature address UX debt within our software?
  8. Does this require frontend work, backend work, or both?
  9. How will this feature affect the number of customer support requests?
  10. Will customers embrace this change or will they hate us for it?
  11. How much testing is involved to release this feature?
  12. Does this feature directly address our current operational bottlenecks?
  13. Does this feature apply to our current market (septic, grease, portables, roll-offs)?
  14. Will this feature allow us to expand into new market areas? Do we want to expand yet?
  15. How does this feature help us work towards high level business goals?
  16. And more...

So, it's complicated. And we embrace the challenge and complexity.

What's coming soon to ServiceCore?

After the new feature is planned, designed, built, tested and delivered, we'll let you know. All new features and improvements can be found on our Release Announcements page.

We encourage you to visit our Release Announcements page and to click on the Follow button so you'll know when new features and improvements go live in ServiceCore.

Join the ServiceCore Research Group

When you join the ServiceCore Research Group, you will have a direct line to members of our Product Team. You'll help us discover how to make ServiceCore work even better for you. You'll be invited to interviews, usability studies, surveys and more.

Every study is different, and each session is no pressure and requires minimal time commitment. If you're interested, please tell us a little more about yourself by filling out this quick questionnaire: ServiceCore Research Group. We look forward to meeting you!

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