Onboarding Time Frame and Expectations

Welcome to ServiceCore.com! We're so excited you've decided to become part of the ServiceCore family. In this article you'll learn about the onboarding process, time frame and expectations to take you from new customer to go live with your ServiceCore.com account.

Before You Start

Book a Demo

If you haven't already done so, go get yourself a demo of ServiceCore: Book a Demo. A demo is one of the best ways to learn about ServiceCode and determine if it's the right software for you and your business.


  • After you become a ServiceCore customer, you will receive a "Welcome to ServiceCore.com" email from our Customer Support team
  • Make sure to check your junk mail or spam folders if you don't receive this email from us within a few days of becoming a new customer
  • Please white list and allow support@servicecore.com to send you emails
  • Once you're the proud owner of a ServiceCore account, feel free to login to your account and start seeing what's available to you
  • On the other hand, if you have a demo account, login to your ServiceCore demo account to look around and start learning about your account
  • Login credentials will be provided in your original welcome email

Time Frame and Expectations

Depending on your company's unique needs, your onboarding time frame may be longer or shorter than what you see in the table below. Things that can affect the speed at which you are onboarding include:

  • Syncing with QuickBooks Desktop or Online
  • Data imports
  • Rental entry
  • Rescheduling training sessions
  • Coordination of staff and employee schedules for training sessions
  • Holidays

Your account will be put into a queue and onboarded as quickly as possible. You will be provided different tasks that need to be completed. Your completion of these tasks and your timely involvement can make your onboarding time shorter or longer. The table below goes over the stages of the onboarding process with estimated timeframes.

# Phase Description Responsible Time
1 Getting Started ServiceCore provisions you a new account and sends your login credentials ServiceCore


2 Welcome Call Meet with the ServiceCore team and review your basic account settings ServiceCore + Customer
Data Import  ServiceCore provides you with CSV files to fill out with your data for:
  • Customers
  • Sites
  • Services
  • Inventory
Fill out and return the completed CSV files to ServiceCore Customer
Import customer CSV files into ServiceCore account ServiceCore
4 Rental Entry Enter rentals into ServiceCore account ServiceCore or Customer Week 2–3
5 Data Review Call Review data in ServiceCore account ServiceCore + Customer
6 QuickBooks Data Review Call Verify QuickBooks settings ServiceCore + Customer
Begin initial QuickBooks sync ServiceCore
7 Training Session 1 Attend first training session with ServiceCore team Customer
Record training session and provide to customer ServiceCore
8 Training Session 2 Attend second training session Customer Week 3–4
Record training session and provide to customer ServiceCore
9 Training Session 3
(if applicable)
Attend third training session Customer
Record training session and provide to customer ServiceCore
10 Go Live! Go live with your ServiceCore.com account Customer

 For more information about your specific onboarding time frame, please review your license agreement.


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