FAQs About Rentals

In this article you'll find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions we receive about rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rentals

What is the difference between jobs and rentals?

When you are dropping off inventory in ServiceCore, you are going to want to create a rental. Upon clicking "Create a Rental" you are selecting to create a job that will have inventory dropped off at a customer's site. Via this process, you will be able to schedule the Delivery Job, Pick-Up Job, and Service Jobs all in one place. Rentals basically act as the one stop shop for creating jobs that have inventory.

When you hit "Create a Job" via the addition symbol next to your user name, you're essentially creating a standalone job. This job will not have inventory associated with it. In addition, in order to Create a Job and assign it a Job Type, you would have to create custom job types via the Custom Fields section of your Settings. Currently in ServiceCore the basic job types available to you are all Rental Types, which means they require inventory. If you want to have non-rental type jobs, you would have to create those via the Custom Fields section of your Settings.

Where do I associate my rental rate to my inventory so that it populates on my recurring invoice?

You will do this after creating the rental. Here's more information about how to add rental rates.

Can I schedule my weekly service job from the create rental page?

Yes. Under the pickup job, there is a link that says add service job. Click that link to add your service job. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, read about how to add jobs to a rental.

Where can I select the serial numbers for my inventory?

If you have an itemized product that you are renting out, the serials will be selected...

  • On the web application
    • When the delivery job is marked as complete
    • When the pick-up job is marked as complete
    • When the exchange job is marked as complete
  • On the mobile application

How do I complete rental jobs using the mobile app?

To learn how to complete rental jobs using the mobile app, start with these articles:

  1. Start a Job Using the Mobile App
  2. Mobile App Articles


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