12/19/2019 Release - QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync, Service Reactivation and more

The following new features and improvements are available in ServiceCore on or after December 19, 2019.


QuickBooks Online Automatic Sync

If your ServiceCore account is enabled for the sync with QuickBooks Online, then your data is no longer syncing once a night, but automatically when data has changed or has been newly added.

Example 1:  If you are editing a customer's name in QuickBooks Online and save the information, then your changes will automatically sync into ServiceCore.

Example 2:  If you are adding an invoice in ServiceCore, once it is saved it will sync into your QuickBooks Online account.

The following items that automatically sync both ways are:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Payment Terms
  • LineItemCategory
  • ServiceCategory
  • Services
  • Customers
  • Sites
  • Refunds
  • Invoices
  • CreditMemos
  • Payments

The nightly sync is also still running and will update the following items:

  • TaxAgency, TaxRate, TaxCode

Service Reactivation

In the ServiceCore settings, under the Accounting tab you have the "Service" Tab. We have added the option to "Reactivate"  a service. Now you can manage everything around your services offered for invoice creation, you can:

  • Add Service
  • Edit Service
  • Deactivate Service
  • Delete Service (if it has never been used in an invoice before)
  • Reactivate Service


Mobile App Technical Component Update

We have updated our mobile components to the latest versions for mobile development. We are now able to develop and update our mobile code easier. Upcoming items to fix are "opening attachments on Android" and making sure "All inventory is viewable in the inventory management section".

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